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The books and resources included in this bookstore are produced by EA pastors.  Resources listed here are not officially endorsed by the EA and we have no control over the content contained in them. These resources are listed to help network EA pastors with the wider Church in sharing works that will inspire spiritual growth and a deeper walk with the Lord.


Light in the Darkness: A Hanukkah Devotional For Jesus Followers

by Ron Shifley

Jesus celebrated Hanukkah. You can too! The purpose of this book is to give the Church a resource to help reclaim and celebrate Hanukkah as a biblical holiday from a Christian perspective. Hanukkah has been a forgotten part of our biblical heritage for too many years. Now is the time to reclaim this biblical holiday, celebrating God’s light and deliverance, that Jesus himself observed at the Jerusalem Temple during his ministry. Included in this book are eight devotions that you and your family can use together each night of Hanukkah when you light the menorah. Scan the printed QR codes provided with each devotion to watch linked music videos for an added multi-media experience. Also included are instructions on how to light the Hanukkah menorah and how to play the traditional game of dreidel.

$5.00 each

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