My Prayer With You Today

February 17 | Ash Wednesday

Scripture Readings:  Numbers 14-15

Reflection Verse:  Numbers 14:24

Prayer:  Loving God, Caleb’s spirit was different from the other 10 spies.  He believed in and followed You.  Even when he was in the extreme minority, he never wavered in his belief or his resolve to follow You and do Your will.  Keep me faithful, Lord.  Keep me hearing You and depending upon You in all things including those times that I find myself the only one.  (I’ve been there before.)  I am thankful and privileged, Lord, to be one of Your servants in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

February 18

Scripture Readings:  Numbers 16-17


Reflection Verse:  Numbers 16:3

Prayer: Lord God, those You have placed in leadership are anointed for that purpose. There were a group of people who came to oppose the ministry of Moses and Aaron.  Moses correctly identifies their issue as wanting more power in addition to what God had already given them.  They felt they were justified in opposing Moses and Aaron because everyone in the community was already holy enough and didn’t need any leadership.  Help me, Lord, to be satisfied with my part that I have been assigned to do in Your body.  When I am placed in leadership and others come against me, may I seek You as to how to respond to them in such a way that I allow You to deal with them in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

February 19

Scripture Readings:  Numbers 18-20


Reflection Verse:  Numbers 18:21

Prayer:  Lord God, You gave the tithes of Your people to the Levites in return for their work in the tabernacle.  This was their inheritance from You.  In like manner, our titles support those who do the work and ministries in Your Church today.  May I be faithful to give my tithes to support those who do Your work in Your Church.  I count it a privilege and honor to support them in Jesus’ name. Amen.

February 20

Scripture Readings:  Numbers 21-22


Reflection Verse:  Numbers 22:38

Prayer:  Father God, Balaam comes to Balak, King of Moab, apparently in disobedience to You, but he tells the king that he will only speak what You tell him to speak.  I know that even in spite of our disobedience You are able to use us.  Many times we sound or act religious but in reality we justify ourselves or make ourselves look good as we do our own thing in opposition to what You desire.  I not only want to say what You want me to say, but I also want to be where You want me to be when I am speaking Your word.  Forgive me when I have failed to do either in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

February 21 | First Sunday in Lent

Scripture Readings:  Numbers 23-25

Reflection Verse:  Numbers 24:1-2

Prayer:  Lord God, Balaam’s methods and practices were of no value to him as he viewed Your people.  He finally understood that You were blessing them and he can’t undo those blessings.  He is then overwhelmed by You and delivers blessings to them which infuriates Balak.  May the words I speak bless and encourage others.  May I watch carefully what comes out of my mouth and yield to Your Spirit, Lord, in all that I say in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

About The Author

Rev. Dr. Allen Tyndall is an ordained EA pastor.  Allen serves as a Regional and Executive Director of Pastor Care, is Dean of Mount Carmel Academy – Lexington, and has served as pastor of local congregations in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina.  Allen is the author of the book, My Prayer With You Today.   He and his wife have four grown children and 10 grandchildren.

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