My Prayer With You Today

February 11

Scripture Readings:  Psalm 33:1-11, Exodus 29:29-30, Matthew 27:27-44     

Reflection Verses:  Matthew 27:38-40

Prayer:  Father God, the people walking by Jesus insulted, taunted, mocked and jeered him showing utter contempt and disrespect for him.  Their actions show they were in complete agreement with His crucifixion.  After all, Jesus was getting what He deserved, saying “He was the Son of God.”  Even in their mockery they were correct that He was “The Son of God” dying for our sins. He was on the cross for that purpose.  Open my heart and mind, Lord God, to come into agreement with Your purposes as I seek and receive Your truth to live my life for You in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

February 12

Scripture Readings:  Psalm 33:12-22, Exodus 31-32, Matthew 27:45-66

Reflection Verses:  Matthew 27:57-60


Prayer:  Loving God, Joseph is the willing available disciple to carry out this assignment for You.  He gathered his courage, went to Pilate and asked him for the body of Jesus.  Your timing is always perfect so Pilate gave him Jesus’ body.  He took down Jesus’ body from the cross and took it to his own new tomb for burial – such love and sacrifice.  He did not miss this chance and he was faithful to complete this appointed task You had given him.  It is my desire to serve You as You give me opportunity, Lord.  Open these times to me.  May I not fail You even in the midst of my fears in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

February 13

Scripture Readings:  Psalm 34:1-10, Exodus 33-34:28, Matthew 28

Reflection Verses:  Matthew 28:5-7

Prayer:  Lord God, the angel told the two Mary’s to go quickly and tell the disciples that Jesus is no longer in the tomb.  He is alive!  He is risen from the dead!   They are to go to Galilee and meet him at the place where he told them. There is an urgency to get this message out about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  Lord, this message is urgent and is to be proclaimed to every person in every generation.  My part is to believe in the risen Jesus and then tell this to everyone so they can believe in the risen Jesus also.  Praise His name!  Amen.


About The Author

Rev. Dr. Allen Tyndall is an ordained EA pastor.  Allen serves as a Regional and Executive Director of Pastor Care, is Dean of Mount Carmel Academy – Lexington, and has served as pastor of local congregations in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina.  Allen is the author of the book, My Prayer With You Today.   He and his wife have four grown children and 10 grandchildren.

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