Jesus B4 Outreach Campaign

EA church designs “Jesus B4” evangelism campaign

Rev. Pete Sapp, pastor at Trinity Reformed Church, an EA affiliated congregation in Brady’s Bend, PA writes about the “Jesus B4” evangelism campaign that he and his congregation developed to help work the nets for Kingdom advancement.

“In the United States it is undeniable that the church is slowly but surely fading deeper and deeper into irrelevance.  The pews that people used to occupy to find identity, camaraderie and direction, now sit empty and are only filled with the shadows from the past.  In frustration we wonder haw can this be when 70 percent of Americans still identity themselves as being Christian?  The truthful answer, which we always find ourselves shaking our head at and often times hiding behind is apathy.  An overwhelming majority of self proclaimed Christians in our society are simply Christian by title.  Just like heritage for many, Christianity has become a label which is simply handed down while possessing no true relevance.  A true relationship with Jesus has been replaced by the pursuit of so many things deemed more valuable.

In the fall of 2017, our little church felt that God was calling us to bring a message that would wake up our area.  We desired a message that would inspire all of those who identify themselves as Christian to take a long, hard look and see if there is any true meaning behind their words.  Out of these prayers and desires “Jesus B4” was born.  It was a memorable and marketable phrase that we hoped summed up the message we were praying to spread.  The message was simple.  Jesus had been bumped so far down the list of priorities for so many people that for most he couldn’t even be considered a priority any more.  To be a true Christian, Jesus needed to be placed back before everything that we’ve shoved him behind.  Hence, JesusB4.

To get this message to our area, we bought a website and developed a video that would introduce people to this concept.  We then advertised the website with yard signs, posters, fliers, business cards, bracelets and messages on social media which all simply said “JesusB4.” 

Our desire was to pique interest in a way that would count on their curiosity to motivate them to learn more about the message.  We are now 3 weeks in to its release in our area, and already over 450 people have visited the website and learned about God’s desire for them to reconnect, or truly connect for the first time with Him!

Our goal in this message was never to benefit our church, but was truly to benefit the Kingdom.  If you feel like your church would like to share this message in your area, we would love to make everything that we have totally available to you.  We would even love to add your church to the final information on the website which offers recommendations for anyone looking for a Godly church.  We would love to do this for anyone in the EA, because we would love to have others be able to use it.  That’s what we’re about after all!  The message of Jesus needing to come before all else is not area specific, but instead has worldwide significance.  If you or your church would like to be part of this movement, then feel free to email and let me know how I can help.  In the meantime we’ll keep the site up and running and pray that God may lead those to it who need to put JesusB4 everything they’ve shoved him behind.

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