My Prayer With You Today

May 7

Scripture Readings:  I Chronicles 18-21

Reflection Verse:  I Chronicles 21:30

Prayer:  Lord God, the encounter that David had with You and Your Angel profoundly shook him.  He was never the same after it.  He had seen firsthand the consequences of his sin against You and its devastation on the lives of innocent people.  Every visit he made to this altar helps him remember.  He is genuinely humbled, repentant, seeking to serve You more faithfully.  Help me to remember the encounters I have had with You where You spoke clear, concise, meaningful Words that I took to heart and followed You as You led me. Lord, I am eternally grateful to You in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

May 8

Scripture Readings:  I Chronicles 22-24

Reflection Verse:  I Chronicles 23:5

Prayer:  Lord God, four thousand Levites were assigned to give praises to You using their voices and musical instruments.  David tells us that he made these musical instruments to give You praise.  What a gifted king!  He was a worshipper of You and even invented and made musical instruments and wrote psalms for that purpose.  I love singing and praising You, Lord.  You deserve all the praises I give You and more.  As I praise You and worship You, I give You all the glory because You are the one and only God. Amen.

May 9

Scripture Readings:  I Chronicles 25-27

Reflection Verse:  I Chronicles 26:6, 8

Prayer:  Lord God, Your blessings on Obed-edom continued to his sons and grandsons.  They also were capable and well qualified for their work earning positions of great authority.  Obed-edom’s legacy as Your servant continued to these who followed him and followed You.  May the love I have for You, Lord, be seen and embraced by my children, grandchildren and my relatives as I serve You with joy and devotion in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

May 10

Scripture Readings:  I Chronicles 28-2 Chronicles 1

Reflection Verse:  I Chronicles 28:20

Prayer:  Lord God, David, encourages his son, Solomon, to do the work that You have assigned.  As Solomon does the work according to Your plan, You will be with him.  You will never leave him nor will he fail to complete the work that You have assigned him to do.  The message is for Solomon to be strong and courageous.  He is to stay at the task and he will succeed.  What good news this is, Lord!  You are with me to do Your will.  I will not fail!  I will succeed because You are leading me in every step!  Strengthen me to stay the course and finish strong in Jesus’ name!  Amen.

May 11

Scripture Readings:  2 Chronicles 2-5

Reflection Verse:  2 Chronicles 4:11

Prayer:  Father God, the master craftsman, Huram-abi, completed the tasks assigned him by Solomon in Your Holy Temple.  He used his giftedness in tapestry, crafting gold and bronze to make curtains, furniture, sea, basins, utensils and an altar.  His work was gigantic, majestic and it honored You, Lord.  He stayed at it with his skill and craftsman abilities until the work was finished and completed according to what had been assigned.  Quit is not an option in any assignment You give to me, Lord.  May I be dedicated and hard working in all I do to complete Your assignments with quality control and Your satisfaction in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

About The Author

Rev. Dr. Allen Tyndall is an ordained EA pastor.  Allen serves as a Regional and Executive Director of Pastor Care, is Dean of Mount Carmel Academy – Lexington, and has served as pastor of local congregations in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina.  Allen is the author of the book, My Prayer With You Today.   He and his wife have four grown children and 10 grandchildren.

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